Monday, July 22, 2013

Fashion in Film: Anna Dymna

By Olivia Maria Hărşan

This is a little long than I expected it to be, but I just kept finding more and more photos of this beautiful Polish actress. She must have LOVED the camera.

Looking sensual in a lace on sheer black netting number.

What a woman.

Beads, bead, beads.

Peach coloured lips with soft brown hair - such a great 60's look that translated well on screen and in photographs.

Caught in an off-guard moment, but looking gorgeous as usual.

Onesies - 1970's style!!

These 'hair throwback' portraits are always great.

Hair flowing over the visage... oddly attractive.

I love how natural this photograph is, not to mention timeless - it looks as though it's been taken today. Anna looks stunning here, but I particularly like the way her hair has slightly fallen out.

Glistening texture - this image is rich with various materials, shapes and shades.

Vintage C-type photographs always flatter the subject.

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