Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Visual Diary: Letter/ Pismo (2013) Sergei Loznitsa

By Olivia Maria Hărşan

The Ukrainian director, Sergei Loznitsa, has impressed audiences again with his short film Letter/ Pismo (2013). Visually poetic and incredibly haunting, the narrative opts for a psychological exploration of pre-WWII rural Russia. An excellent review by Moritz Pfeifer for Eastern European Film Bulletin can be read here.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Fashion in Film: Capricious Summer/ Rozmarné léto (1968) Jiří Menzel

By Olivia Maria Hărşan

An farcical still - from the Bavarian style getup to the old maid reference.

You can't ever go wrong with a striped sailor shirt.

1920's bathing suits.

The bold red colour of the cloak works so well against the nude hues of the outfits worn.

Red vs nude again.

A red apple this time! I have noticed fruits in many Czech films from the 1960's and 1970's.

I love the way her dress reflects her lipstick here, such a perfect vintage look.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Women in Film: Ruzica Sokić

By Olivia Maria Hărşan

Serbian actress Ruzica Sokić sadly passed away earlier this year leaving behind a lifelong contribution to both screen and stage performance. Born in Belgrade in 1934, Ruzica began her career with a children's radio group called Radio Belgrade and later completed her tertiary studies at the Academy of Theatre Arts. Known for portraying the typical 'seductress', Ruzica appeared in over 40 films receiving various awards and recognition for her work - a definite national icon.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Fashion in Film: Birds, Orphans and Fools/ Vtáčkovia, siroty a blázni (1969) Juraj Jakubisko

By Olivia Maria Hărşan

Birds, Orphans and Fools is just one example taken from the artistic realm of Czechoslovakia's retaliation against the Soviet invasion that marked the end of the Prague Spring. The characters in film portray a childish philosophy to living - foolish and oblivious to the cruelty of the society they inhibit. The colour scheme of the mise-en-scène employs a vintage Type-C print quality where all the warmer hues - reds and yellows - dominate attention from the viewer. 

Again my obsession with the Slovak actress Magdaléna Vášáryová is immediately noticed in this post. Her ability to engage with the camera is exceptional - she owns the screen.

Red textured gloves.

The metaphor of 'flying' is portrayed through the use of the peacock feather and butterfly choker she wears as a headband, not to mention the obvious - the doves in the background.

Lemon yellow headscarf with salmon pink shift.

Facial drawings evoke an almost-Wiccan tone.

Popular look of the time - sherpa knit over a check shirt.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Women in Film: Eva Ras

By Olivia Maria Hărşan

Eva Ras is a Serbian actress, writer and painter of Hungarian-Jewish origin. Born in 1941, Eva has experienced the privilege of working with noted Serbian auteurs Emir Kusturica, Dušan Makavejev and Aleksandar Petrović throughout her career. She is the former muse and widow of noted artist, Radomir Stević Ras whose paintings are displayed across Europe. Throughout her fruitful career, Eva has been critically praised for her creative achievements including her literary works and most recently, her collection of poems titled In the Good Old Days, When Mummy Buys Me Some Money and Bed of Silver