Thursday, March 31, 2016

Film Review: Some of Us/ (2014) Anja Kavic

By Olivia Maria Hărşan

It is hard to believe that Anja Kavic’s powerful drama Some of Us is a short film because the theatrical delivery of the narrative engrosses the viewer to a point where time seems as though it has lapsed. The film begins as a young woman paces through a run down train in a rail yard. Suddenly voices begin to echo throughout the carriage as if to taunt the woman and the viewer will question: Are these voices from the past or the present? She steps out of the train where another woman awaits seated on the steps of another carriage. A menacing atmosphere invades the viewer’s conscious at this point as the women begin to talk. We find out that they are sisters and, as the tension in their interaction rises, we come to understand that their relationship as siblings is dysfunctional. The drama is intense in Some of Us and this is due to the phenomenal acting – we really begin to believe the extent of the issues between the sisters, particularly when one takes out a gun threatening to shoot the other. And yet, the trains remain motionless and silent in opposition of their purpose. There is no progression, only a collapse of negative emotions and eventually a disturbing meltdown

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