Monday, February 15, 2016

Film Review: Gimi is Not in the Film (2015) Sandra Rad

By Olivia Maria Hărşan

Sandra Rad’s satiric short Gimi is not in the Film is both humorous and dark detailing a young woman’s distress as she marches down a highway with a suitcase, which we soon learn contains a dead pet named Gimi. The protagonist calls the owner, perhaps a sister or a friend, pleading for her to understand that she is not as fault for its death and will prove it by taking Gimi to a vet and finding out the cause of its death. She continues on her quest down the road as cars overtake her almost blowing her summer dress away. Suddenly two men approach her creating a threatening atmosphere – the viewer becomes nervous of an impending assault as they stare the woman down head to toe. They assist her with her suitcase and inquire about its contents. Embarrassed about the situation, she answers “some computer parts” at which point the men glance at each other at the opportunity and run away with the suitcase.  In the tradition of New Romanian Cinema, Rad focuses on a current issue faced in Romania, that is, the existence of petty crime. She makes a commentary on the idea that the behaviors of the communist past, where individuals needed to steal, exchange foodstuffs and buy black market in order to survive still exist in the present. And it will take a very long time for such things to repair.

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