Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Visual Diary: Maddalena (1971) Jerzy Kawalerowicz

By Olivia Maria Hărşan

Apologies for the quality of the images in this blog post and in some others. It is appropriate to mention at this point that many of the films on this site have been a struggle to track down, particularly with English subtitles. I have often opted to watch them in their native language, presented in very poor condition online. But I do what I can because it is my passion - I love the films of Eastern Europe and believe that they deserve more attention than they receive. It still frustrates me greatly when I see popular releases at the cinema that mimic techniques and ideas from these more obscure films that no one even knows about. This post is a celebration of all of the filmmakers that continue to make beautiful and innovative art with limited money and recognition.

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