Friday, November 15, 2013

Fashion in Film: Radoslav Brzobohatý

By Olivia Maria Hărşan

Radoslav was a Czech actor who appeared mostly in television roles and on stage. However, he delivered some important film roles contributing to the prominence of New Czech Cinema, particularly through his performance in Karel Kachyňa's The Ear/ Ucho (1970).

A balanced combination between the coarseness of tweed vest with the softness of a salmon silk shirt.

The texture and cut of Radoslav's jacket here calls for a perfect screen shot.

Fashion in photography is also about the setting and surroundings. In this still (taken from the film 'The Ear', Radoslav is framed perfectly in the corner of the tiled room. The white and black square tiles emphasises the angular nature of his 60's suit.

Another still from 'The Ear'. The layers in this still work interestingly, beginning with the drawers in the foreground and moving to Radoslav in the middle and the female briefs behind him.

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